We believe that travel is feeling the world differently.

Flooglebinder provides educational conservation programmes that include aspects of culture and community, with the aim to conserve threatened habitats, protect endangered species and ultimately create better global citizens.

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There’s nothing better than speaking to someone who’s already been to the location you’re planning to visit. Someone who knows that trip inside out, someone who knows the best place to eat, the perfect place to watch the sun rise, the most knowledgeable guides and the hidden treasures. Someone who can share all these small but important details, like what to pack, when to go, what to wear, how much money to take and who to contact when you want to see Elephants in their natural habitat or dive with whale sharks.

Come on one of our trips and be part of the Floogle family. We’re dedicated to making sure you feel like you belong.

Our trips are built around you….. that means we’ve taken the time to get to know what you need & want.

  • Work experience?
  • Personal development?
  • Time to really get to know a place and immerse yourself in the culture?
  • Create lifelong memories and friends?

We’d rather focus on building awesome trips jam packed with culture, community & conservation and ensure you come back from a Flooglebinder trip with expectations exceeded. That’s why you’ll never hear us braggin about having the most locations or lowest prices.




We’re a travel company for students. All our projects include conservation, community & culture to help protect these awesome places and hopefully create better people!