7 Travel Tips to Train like Arnie

Brad Frankel

Train like Arnold Schwarzenegger whilst travelling…

Travelling has always been a big part of my life and so has training, from gym to football, running and muay thai, but when you’re on the move its really difficult to keep a schedule. So here are a few tip to keep fit and train like Arnie!

Top 7 Travel Fitness Tips:

Running – this is the my number one tip: its a great way to keep fit, you don’t need any equipment and best of all you get to explore your new spot. Its such a great way to see your new destination, you’ll find hidden little treasures, and also get to see a few local, friendly faces.

Schedule – don’t even bother planning one, as it wont happen. You’ll be tired from long journeys or hungover from meeting new people. If you try and make a schedule you’ll just get frustrated as you probably wont stick to it.

Gym – its not often you’ll find one and if you do it probably wont be the best. Think about some exercises you can do in your room like press ups, crunch’s and squatting with your backpack on.

Culture – depending on where you are in the world will open up a whole new range of ideas, so check out what the locals get up to, from Takro in Indonesia, Muay Thai in Thailand, Yoga in India, and Trekking in Nepal.

Clothes – wear light, quick drying, easy washable clothes. Travelling around with sweaty clothes will leave your bag stinking out in no time. On the plus side you wont be hungover as you probably wont be making many friends.

Eat Clean – you wont always find a Gyms Kitchen, maybe in a few years, but until then take advantage of the local culinary delights. Places like Asia and South America offer such high protein based diets which is usually the best food anyway, and the cheapest.

Music – have your playlists ready to get your game face on and most importantly good headphones, especially for running. There’s nothing worse than headphones falling out during a tough run or a good tune!

Whilst we’re discussing Arnie check out this cool video, which through Omaze gives you the chance to meet Arnie on the Red Carpet and support After School All Stars who provide after school programs to keep children safe and help them succeed in school, and in life!

If you need any help or advice with your trip please email me on brad@flooglebinder.co.uk

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