Benefits of Student Travel

Benefits of Student Travel Brad Frankel Travelling is an investment... Even in a tough economy the benefits of travelling are endless and not only help in your personal development, but may help you find a new career path, provide a competitive edge for university...

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Travel Fundraising ideas

Travel Fundraising ideas Brad Frankel Travel fundraising ideas... Before we talk about fundraising ideas the first thing we need to do is look at our current spending. It’s amazing how quickly we can save when we look at the little things: By Brad Frankel Coffee – are...

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Travel Tips: Top 10 Travel Fears

Travel Tips: Top 10 Travel Fears Brad Frankel Top 10 Travel fears I’m quite a concerned traveller, I like to plan, I like to do my research and I like a bit of a structure. However, my girlfriend, Lissie, is quite the opposite and enjoys the curiosity of exploring new...

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Travel Tips: Money Overseas

Education Through Travel: Camouflage Brad Frankel Don't want to carry too much cash but afraid to get stung by bank fees? Its horrible when you get home from a nice holiday, already spending more than you anticipated for that extra little treat, but then you discover...

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