Education through travel…Indonesia and Malaysia Animal challenge

Brad Frankel

Indonesia and Malaysia Animal challenge

So… having just come back from travelling Malaysia and Indonesia I thought it would be extremely helpful to use some of those animal encounters to write about topics that might directly help with your assignments and or coursework. My specialist subjects are Animal behaviour and Communication, Ecology, Conservation and Biodiversity and Behavioural ecology. One lucky student will have next weeks blog dedicated to them and their topic of choice, including harvard style referencing. How awesome are we..

Here are some of the Indonesian and Malaysian species seen on our travels…Tokay Geckos, Flying lemurs, Praying Mantis, Water monitor lizards, Bats, Snakes, Bamboo sharks, Beetles and Mantis shrimps…….You tell me what topic you want me to write about and I will try and focus that topic on animal species found in and around Malaysia and Indonesia. Send your requests to

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