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Every trip has elements of culture, community and conservation, and allows you to gain awesome experience with industry experts to help with your personal and professional development. You’ll also be working towards a number of the Sustainable Development Goals as set out by the United Nations.

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He had an amazing time in Bangkok and Koh Tao.   He didn’t want to leave and would love to go back again some time.  He said the diving was really interesting and he has learned a lot.  Thank you for organising such an amazing experience.

So anyway, he may be back for more in the future but thanks for a great job and I would definitely recommend Flooglebinder to others.

Mrs Thomas, (parent) 2016

Yes, was great to hear the background of you both and the company itself, helps people to see the ‘genuineness’ behind it all.

The fact that you brought your personalities and passions into the presentation, it made it very engaging! Real life experiences were also very beneficial and entertaining to hear, it’s good to know that you’ve been on the projects and can convey what it was like.

Brilliant presentation, very captivating and conveyed honest passion for what you’re doing J

Beth, (student) 2016

One in a life time experience!! This is sustainable travel with a good moral compass. Hand picked experiences with travel operators that care about people, wildlife, conservation & education. Guilt free travel where u learn, share & most of all have life changing experiences.

Angie, (traveller) 2015

Really energetic, engaging, interesting and informative. Brilliant use of anecdotes and personal examples. Hit both boxes of informing PPD students about the value of educational travel and the international tourism students about the management of your operation.

Dr. Taylor, (lecturer) 2016

Thank you for making the effort to acknowledge (and remember) student names when you addressed them to the group (asking questions etc.).  Such a simple, yet significant, approach that always has an important impact (yet is often undervalued).  These ‘small’ features always successfully inspire students.

Miss Mehmet, (teacher) 2016

We had the most amazing family Sri Lankan adventure with Flooglebinder. Everything was pretty close to perfect and the value for money was amazing considering everything that we did and the places that we stayed. We managed to travel 1,000 miles in 10 days with a 5 night stop off at the end for a bit of R&R. One of the most impressive aspects was the local guide and driver who managed to fit so much in without us feeling like we were doing too much. They were so efficient making it easy to find places, park in places, get access to places, see the best aspects of places… all the things you worry about when you go solo. I would highly recommend using these guys for any trip you are thinking of taking. We’ll be using them again within the next 2 years for South Africa or Thailand for sure.

Steve, (family trip) 2016

Very friendly, very helpful, and all the more excited for my trip to Thailand in January thanks to Brad and everybody at Flooglebinder! Very good value for money too! Can’t recommend these guys enough!

Nikki, (student) 2015

FAQs - Students

How do I choose the right destination?

Talk to us. By understanding what you want to achieve we will help you decide which project will be the most suitable to gain the experience/qualifications you’re looking for.

How old do I have to be?

Our Secondary students are as young as 14 but accompanied by their teachers whereas the more independent groups have to be at least 18 years old.

How do I secure my spot?

Once you’ve paid your £150 deposit you’re in. We can take payment over the phone or you can setup a bank transfer.

How do the payments work?

Following your initial deposit we require 25% of the trip cost 4 weeks later and the balance paid up 8 weeks before you depart. However, if this is an issue please speak to us and we’ll do what we can to make it work for you.

What does the cost include?

We try to include as much as we can: pre-departure support, curriculum integration, accommodation, food (except Thailand), transfers, tour guides, entrance fees. So pretty much everything  except your international flights, visas and vaccinations.

Can you help with Flights?

Yes, we have a great relationship with The Flight Centre, who look after all of our bookings but if you would like to book yourself thats entirely up to you.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. We would prefer if you went with our partner, Cover More, as in case of an emergency we can oversee the entie issue but otherwise it is very difficult for us to take control of this.

Do I need a Visa?

These depend on the passport that you currently hold, the country you’re travelling to and the duration, so please make sure you check as this is your responsibility. Please also ensure that you state this is for ‘holiday’ or ‘tourist’ purposes, and that you have at least 6 months validity remaining on your passport. For UK passports please see the following links:

Sri Lanka:
South Africa:
Camps International

Can I still come even if i'm not based in the UK?

Yes, all you need to do is lets us know what time you’ll arrive and we’ll be there waiting for you, as well as drop you off for your return flight.

If I have a friend who isn't at the college/uni can they come with?

Yes, as long as they pass our interview process as we do our best to ensure that everyone one our programs have the same ethics and core values, and to ensure you all get to travel with like minded people.

Do I need vaccinations?

This depends on where you are going, the time of year and your previous medical history. Please always consult your GP and for further information we like to use Masta. We would also advise to shop around for your prescriptions as some chemists charge more than others.

What Kit do I need?

Once you’ve booked your trip we’ll send you all of this information, so you’ll have time to buy what you need and break in any hiking boots. Not to mention receive your 15% discount from Cotswold.

What should I do about money?

We always suggest to travel with some cash, both sterling and dollars, but in small denominations. We also recommend prepaid currency cards, such as the Caxton Card or from the Post Office. Visa is usually quite good over seas but if you have others, such as Mastercard its always good to have a backup.

How much should I take?

We try to cover absolutely everything, including all meals but you’ll need money for snacks and any personal gifts you may want to buy. We would suggest £50 a week.

Will there be wifi?

In most accommodations, and many restaurants, you will have access to wifi but this will be limited when you’re out in the field.

Will I need a sleeping bag?

In most places no, but its always good to take one as you never know what might happen and worse case it makes a great pillow.

Will we be able to wash our clothes?

We’ll be moving around quite a lot during out programs, so this will usually be a quick sink wash and hang to dry over the balcony. However during the longer programs, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and South Africa they’ll be plenty of opportunitites to wash your clothes.

Should I take a suitcase or Backpack?

Always a backpack and if you have got a good one invest now, as you’ll have it for life. We recommend Osprey.

FAQs - Parents

Is their money safe?

All of your money is held in a trust account with Protected Travel Services, so 100% safe.

What happens if there's an emergency?

We have one of the highest cover insurance policies on the market, underwritten by Lloyds of London. We also have 24/7 crisis response recovery operators worldwide.

Are they met at the airport?

Yes, they are with a representative at all times, whether thats one of our drives or tour guides. In some accommodation there is a separate drivers quarter but this will not be more than a few mins away.

Is this a holiday?

This isn’t a holiday, nor is it just a trip. The 6 week curriculum program that we run prior to their departure, along with the subject integration ensures that students gain a range of wider keys skills, for personal development, along with vital field/work experience to help with university and employment opportunities.

Can I come with?

Of course you can but we leave this decision up to your children.

Do you run family trips?

Yes, due to popular interest we also offer family programs with less subject integration but still an amazing trip with an educational focus and plenty of time to relax.

FAQs - Teachers

Is this a lot of work for me?

No, definitely not. Our aim is take as much of this away from you as you’d like us to. We can write schemes of work, integrate the entire project with your chosen modules and plan the entire trip. All we need from you is to setup the presentations and pass on the information that we provide to the students and parents.

Can they receive credits for this trip?

Yes, our aim is to integrate this into your learning objectives for the long term.

Do I have to pay?

For every trip we run there is one free teacher place for every ten students.

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